Sunday 20 December 2009


Really not feeling like Christmas at all right now but l managed one tree and added a few more dec's couldn't wait fot the paint to dry on the fireplace so will finish that next year
also can't find the wire trees l wanted for the fireplace..another trip to the attic!!!

the white and silver wall hehe....just the dining room still to decorate after all the tins of paint have been banished to the conservatory.....all the junk of the last couple of weeks seem to be piling up in there!!....mmmmm another job to add to the to do list!

Spend the morning helping a friend in the local Sue Ryder shop and found a wonderful turkey serving dish and a beautiful blue glass bowl for the Christmas to get a big turkey now to fill it hehe
Turkey dinner for us today so hope you're not already fed up with Christmas dinners K? lol
drive safe and CYA soon

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