Monday 7 December 2009


Got your name on it Kathryn


  1. oh my..........just seen your recent pic on Flickr and gasped out loud...these birdie trees are absolutely amazing!!!!!

    Would *REALLY* appreciate a little pattern/guidance with how you made the cone and put the tree together as I'd love to make one for it stuffed or crocheted around something??

    Love your creativity Suz, its been a weeny while since I visited with you and you've done so much!

  2. Hi Lucy lol glad you like them already have a few friends that one one!!...l'm going to be busy for Christmas!

    Cone is easy getting the shape you like is the number of increases to plain rows...
    will do a pattern for you now on blog
    Could be stuffed but l wanted a more crisp finish so a bit of wallpaper doubled or cereal box..bit of Blue peter here hehehe and made into a cone that fits the crochet and the trunk is just a sweetie tube/kitchen paper roll going to try a smartie tube at the weekend for an even smaller tree

    Been out for dinner with a couple of old friends..been having a go at me for not doing more with what l make lol....but been there done that l just want to play now....a book maybe one day if l can get my head round it but for now love to share patterns and info with fellow bloggers
    Hugs x