Thursday, 31 December 2009


.......of old sheets stripped into a fabric yarn and made into one of the puffs..perfect for a rug just need to sort out and rip up all the old fitted sheets

took me about half an hour last night to make two balls of yarn from the sides of an old fitted pink sheet

New bed just before Christmas and the old sheets won't fit the new bed so....
1 throw them out?
2 send to the charity shop?
3 be creative with a new rug?
still have the centre piece to shred

one on the left is fabric and 10 mm hook
the one on the right is 5 strands of DK Merino with a 10mm hook....loathed to use so much Pure Merino for a rug!!
2 small ones are same puff 2 strands and a 4.5mm hook
one strand and a 2.5mm hook
Just love these puffs....totally addictive but not done my poor old clicky thumb any is bad this morning and it now hurts!
2 More books arrived yesterday...only had a quick look but a teeny weeny bit disappointed
but will give them another chance and they might surprise me!


  1. Option 3 is definately the best choice, I had throwing away any fabric that can be recycled into something pretty!
    Eg: my sons outgrown school shirts are transforming in to 'Scrappy Dolls'.
    Love the sheet colour too is it Salmon Pink?
    Nicky x

  2. Hi deffo and no its shocking pink hehe taken in electric light warmed it up a bit!

    Might need to buy a few cheap in the sale sheets to get the colours l want though

    Although thinking l'm sure l have red and plumb some where in the linen
    My bed linen does need a real sort out would dye it but its all polycotton and they don't colour well
    Happy 2010

  3. Hi...I've just found your blog. Love your creative idea with the old sheet!!! Well, you'll be popping up on my Google Reader now; and, I look forward to reading more! Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Angie glad you dropped by l'll look forward to your company then in 2010
    Happy New Year xx