Thursday 17 December 2009


Made a few crochet balls and made them into a necklace for Christmas...using such a small hook hurts the fingers a bit so making a few at a time
Started with a floating shelf......but felt it needed more as it wasn't a chunky shelf....they were all too deep
So Phil made some wavy brackets out of the middle leaf of a huge Ikea table we had and cut in half.........Added a peg board made from Ikea pegs and painted it white along with the
old pine mirror

1st problem the mirror was one of a set of 3...l'd forgotten it had been waxed...oooops
and the paint won't dry......bum!
So for Christmas using the old Ikea light ring instead and l'll re do the Mirror after Christmas don't think l'll have time before
One of the boys nibbled throught the other big one a couple of Christmas's ago..naughty boy!

But the 1st coat of paint on the fireplace dried dowelled and glued to the wall yesterday
at 5.30 this morning l got up and did all the filling and sanding it's now dry and awaiting a second coat of eggshell paint THEN PLAYTIME!! hehe
Bought some stick on chandeliers a couple of months back decisions on where to put them.....
Added a silvery ribbon bow to the jugs of white roses in the bedroom look so pretty l might leave them on after Christmas
love this little wire tree it had been left out all year hehehe
My new Santa from The Birmingham German Market
ooooh! somewhere to hang my heart l made in the summer with our new band saw..fab piece of equipment
Although they will eventually be replaced with stockings but still to make them.....and only 7 days to !!

Christmas dinner with friends tonight and my best mate is coming Sunday.....starting to get into the Christmas spirit now....pour me another will ya!!! hehehe


  1. The Christmas decorations look freat as does your fireplace. I love the crocheted and button necklaces. If you get time can you share how you made them? Really nice. I wish I was on your gift list!!! LOL

  2. Hi Debbie....l already have some where hehehe..will go look and send you the link
    Can l ask forgiveness?...your cupcake is packed but not posted yet so sorry you will get it soon!....promise