Monday 14 December 2009


Woke this morning and asked.....'can we build a simple fireplace today please?' as always Phil said 'of course'... love him always up for my madness hehehe

So off to find the wood and paint nothing quite long enough in the shed

But a half price floating shelf in Homebase and a 1/3off the white paint (a very very big tube of Dulux white paint a good buy as the whole house has always been white and is now in need of a touch up) and an old pine mirror in the bedroom that needed moving was going to be perfect....

l played a bit with a wire tree, candles and a new Santa l bought at the Birmingham German Market but it needed more

The chimney breast is pale experiment to add some colour to the walls a few months ago but it will be white again tomorrow and the fireplace will be finished and the stockings hung
Beginning to look Christmasy in the candle light already


  1. Looks like christmas in your home suz!! I love your get up and go attitude, I am impulsive too....although it has led to some big fashion mistakes!!hee hee. Hope you are keeping well, are you going to the auction tommorrow?? Im not sure yet depends if I have some spare pennies. Only 4 more days of work left!!Yipee!! take care and keep on blogging ,I love reading what you get up to


  2. Hi Kaz...thanks getting there slowly never really been one for decs up early or in one go l'm a....'what can l make today?'....;oooh that looks nice l'll put that up' hehehe till l have enough up to satisfy my Christmas spirit lol
    Auction!....if Phil hadn't decided to be creative with some strips of wood l would definitely have been there looking for a shelf for the bed head but he wants to build a head board thingy!! watch this space...haha
    So not looking for anything right now really and watching the pennies still here too...but l do have a card for you have to pm me your address and l'll post it unless Phil wants to go then we might cya there
    hugs xx

  3. You are just so creative. What fun it looks like you are having getting into the spirit. I love the candles.

  4. hehe thanks Kate...window cleaner did the windows today and he commented on we were always up to something or other hehe
    Candles buring every where here....much nicer than electric light hey?
    Hugs xx