Tuesday 29 December 2009


Been looking at the bags and boxes of try outs and experiments..soooo many little pieces
and thoughts turned to what to l do with them all?
something formal and balanced or more organic?
tried the puffs together in several sizes (all the same pattern but using 3.5 to 10mm hook and one to 5 strands of DK) and a smaller colour range....all the pinks reds and oranges

like the formal can see it as a small throw but feel more for the organic one.....now how to join them together bit of scumbling here l think!

Decided to join together all the small sample pieces into one bigger throw.....so they get used and not left and forgotten...can't believe how many l have since June when all this
hooky stuff began again!!

Oh and 2 of the books arrived....now l need to find reading time aswell!! lol


  1. Aren't there all just great. Love the shape and colors. Can't wait to see what you do with them when all together.

  2. Lovely, lovely lovely!!
    Fancy doing a review of the books when you get to look at them?? Please!

  3. Wonderful, you clever lady !!!

  4. Thanks all...just one simple pattern and having sooooo much fun with it hehe