Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Bit of a grump this morning!!...OH wanted to go to Lanzarote for Christmas l wasn't so enthusiastic and he can't find anything
So decision made not to look any more......not a happy bunny!!

Putting up a curtain pole was a nightmare took an hour to drill one hole!!...OH definitely not a happy bunny hehehe....but the pole was eventually up curtain hung and it made such a difference to keeping the heat in the dinning room...temporary measure having doors fitted in January
Photo of floating shelf inspiration for fireplace...and l have 3 of those trees in the Christmas dec's still to be dung out of the attic
Slight change of plan to the shelf though
Wall painted white, curvy brackets cut, all painted and lying in pieces on the lounge floor drying tomorrow will see it all put together
old pine mirror also painted white

We saw this head board loved it but then found out this picture is 3 of them at £79 each in Ikea..wow expensive!
We bought the wood for £16 and Phil made one very similar although not quite as high....all ready for me to paint..looks fab Phil
hugs xx

watch this space..........lol


  1. Hang in there. I know about those grumpie starts to the day. It can only get better from here out.

    Sending you a big cheer-up hug....

    Remember, one thing at a time.

  2. hehehe it's more about Phil wanting to go on holiday to the sun for Christmas and l don't!! lol
    Just don't seem to be enthusiastic about it at all this year just want to stay home
    One thing at a time hehehe never unheard of in this house hehe
    Your holiday sounds FAB
    Hugs x