Thursday 10 December 2009


Straight through the MOT today no problems at all.......Brill
Also broke the back of my Christmas shopping too the difficult ones all sorted well almost

GRUMBLE TIME!! many time do you say 'wipe your feet'?.......and he does but still there are nasty muddy feet makes all over the new carpet on the stairs landing and bathroom!!

BUT....all over my gorgeous Ikea rug....gggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was l mad and he still doesn't understand why l shout........MEN!!!!!
All clean now after an hour of scrubbing and hoovering...till the next time! lol

Anyone watching Kirsties Home Made Christmas on Channel 4?

BIG HUG and lots of thanks for all the lovely things that have been said about the 'Partridge in a Pear tree'...real chuffed it's so well loved hehe...thank you all


  1. You are just too funny. Love today's post. But the last post pictures...wowowowoww

  2. hehehe thanks...could have rung his neck at the time though!! lol

  3. Do you mean me lol...
    the only way i can get you away from crafting and blogging..
    dont forget i have my uses. like getting your mot sorted :).

  4. Anonymous thats a new one for sure...hehehe yes l mean you WIPE YOUR B***** FEET!! xx

  5. Yes I have that problem with feet but I shout B***** Men and Dogs! I have a tiled floor though so can mop up the mess. I too watched Kirsties Homemade Christmas it was fab and inspirational.